तेरी नादानियाँ कब तक इग्नोर करूं | Trending Video | Latest Kavi Sammelan | Anamika Amber

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मोहब्बत में फ़ायदा ही फ़ायदा है नुक़सान नहीं | Trending Video | Anamika Amber | Latest Kavi Sammelan

एक बात करें वो जो हर बात पे भारी हो,
कुछ बात हमारी हो, कुछ बात तुम्हारी हो,

और भी बेहतरीन पंक्तियों वाली यह वीडियो आप सभी के हवाले देखिए, वीडियो देखकर लाइक कमेंट और शेयर ज़रूर कीजिएगा।
Dr. Anamika Jain Ambar is an Renowned Hindi Poetess of India. She is famous for his Hindi-Urdu Poet convention, Mushayara’s. She is very dedicated to their profession. Poetry is one of the best god gift of her. Good character, simplicity, originality etc. are their main attributes. Many TV serials keep reading their poetry devoted to Hindi poetry. Let’s know about some of the country’s great poetess .

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