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How To Become A Famous Blogger: The Ultimate Guide

Want to become famous in blogging, read How To Become A Famous Blogger: The Ultimate Guide.


Everyone has their own idea of what it takes to become a famous blogger.

Some believe you must have excellent writing skills, others believe you must be able to manage your time effectively, and still others believe you must have the best cameras and editing software money can buy.

The reality is that there’s no surefire way to make it big in blogging, but there are certain things that can significantly increase your chances of success.

Here are the ultimate steps you can take toward becoming a famous blogger!


Tips for Building Your Audience

It takes more than a good idea to build an audience. It takes more than a catchy title or well-written posts.

There’s a lot of work that goes into building an audience—the same kind of work that goes into growing any business venture.

If you have your sights set on being famous, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of achieving it.

Below is an outline of how to become a famous blogger.


How To Become A Famous Blogger

Do Whatever It Takes to Stand Out…

There are hundreds of bloggers out there, so before you get started, you need to make sure your voice is unique.

What’s your angle? If you already have a large audience, then it may be easier for you to stick with what works.

But if not, try branching out and trying something new.

You don’t have to reinvent yourself entirely; maybe just start writing about a different topic or experiment with writing in a different style or voice. Whatever it takes—do it!


Make Your Brand Stand Out!

It’s no secret that personal branding is becoming more and more important in today’s marketplace.

Whether you realize it or not, your personal brand is at work whenever you communicate online.

It’s time to take control of your brand by making sure that everything you say and do conveys who you are and what you stand for.

By crafting a solid brand for yourself, others will take notice and want to engage with you because they see an individual who can bring value to their lives.


Choose a compelling topic.

Before you can begin writing a killer post, you need to choose a topic that people want to read about.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to read something boring or uninteresting on their lunch break.

So make sure your content is relevant and newsworthy.

After all, you want your audience to come back for more. You can start by making a list of trending topics that are likely to resonate with your audience, such as current events and hot button issues.


Choose an Attractive Niche

When it comes to blogging, what you write about is key.

You don’t have to be passionate about it 24/7, but if you like what you do, it will show through your writing and help your readers identify with you.

It’s better to start with something that interests or excites you, so passion will come naturally as time goes on.


Start an Email List

Building an email list from day one is important for a couple of reasons.

First, it will allow you to communicate with your followers even if you decide to move away from blogging. Second, people are much more likely to share something if they’ve subscribed (or opted in) first.

As far as how big your list should be, there is no hard rule, but bigger is almost always better – especially when it comes to traffic and revenue.


Guests Post on Other Blogs

Linking back to your own posts is an effective way to boost search engine optimization and drive traffic back to your site.

For example, if you write a post about how to balance work and life on a freelance budget, find other bloggers in your niche who are willing to post a link in exchange for you writing a guest post on their site about your freelance experience.


Encourage Readers to Comment on Your Posts.

Want more comments on your posts? Ask for them.

Seriously, take a few minutes before publishing a post to say something like Please leave a comment below if you have something to add to the [topic].

This gives commenters an invitation and gets them involved in your discussion.

Plus, it allows you to open up conversations with multiple people at once, rather than waiting for one person at a time to reach out via email or social media.


Make Sure Readers Can Contact You Easily.

Having a simple way for readers to reach you is critical for a blogger who wants to grow his or her influence.

This can be done through a contact form, by including your email address at the end of each post, or even by writing guest posts on other popular blogs in your niche that allow readers to easily get in touch with you.


Add Images to All Your Posts

Visual content has been shown to double reader engagement, so adding a few visual assets per post is critical.

Head to Canva and create a few images for each of your posts in advance; you’ll be able to load them on-the-fly with ease as you’re creating your posts.

Don’t worry about making them fancy—they don’t have to be pretty.


Use Social Media Strategically—Twitter First, Facebook Next, and Then Instagram!

Concentrating your efforts on one platform at a time will result in a snowball effect that will lead to real results.

While it’s easy to spread your efforts over too many social media platforms, focus on just one until you’ve got a large audience before moving onto another.

Start with Twitter because, although it might be second fiddle to Facebook in terms of size, it is definitely first when it comes to effective engagement.

It’s also important to note that not all social media sites are created equal; for example, Pinterest and Instagram can help you build an engaged following but don’t necessarily drive traffic back to your website or business.

If you want people to click through from social media sites and visit your site, make sure there are links available throughout your profile page (s).

That way, if someone likes what they see on social media, they can quickly get more information about your brand.

Even better? Create profiles for each piece of content so users can easily find related items (like using hashtags on Instagram and/or creating Facebook events) as well as revisit past posts.

And don’t forget about LinkedIn!


 Becoming a famous blogger is more about creating awareness and building an audience around your brand.
 Remember to offer value to your visitors so they can return and be retained.
 Do you have any contributions to make? Feel free to use the comment box!

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