My First Time Making Croissants

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Today is the day that I attempt a recipe that I have been thinking about since I was a child: homemade croissants. Guided by the thorough teachings of Claire Saffitz: let’s begin.

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00:00 Intro
0:13 Sponsorship
1:47 Being intimidated by croissants.
2:11 My guide for the process.
3:44 Making the dough.
5:12 Slashing a + sign.
5:40 Making the butter block.
7:38 Dough meets butter.
8:52 Folding the book.
9:20 The simple turn.
9:34 Rolling out the slab.
10:07 Cutting triangles.
10:45 Rolling the croissants.
11:27 Making the proofing chamber.
12:03 Chubs.
12:31 Making the glaze.
12:41 Applying the glaze.
12:58 Baking instructions.
13:38 Making coffee.
14:48 Croissant taste test.

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