Overwatch 2 NEW META HEROES!… Mid Season Balance Update!

weak hero class 1 season 2
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Stylosa covers the HUGE Overwatch 2 Season 1 Mid-Season balance patch, that’s almost here! The meta will drastically change after this patch, but the question is – who will be the BEST and the WORST heroes!

0:00 Mid-Season Meta Update
1:10 Overwatch League Meta
1:44 Sojourn, Lucio, Winston, Kiriko, Reaper Comp
4:29 BEST and WORST Heroes!
5:42 Sombra Nerfs
6:33 Genji HUGE Nerfs
8:09 Zarya Bubble Nerfs
9:17 Roadhog New META Tank?!
10:00 The BEST Tanks!
10:59 Dva Damage Nerfs
12:08 The Worst Tanks!
13:17 Kiriko Change
14:13 New Overwatch 2 Balance Philosophy
15:35 No Sojourn Nerf?!
16:31 We NEED Faster Balance Patches


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